Gianni Savelli

Project Magellano


In the course of my career I have played in many different contexts, and I still do. I have always enjoyed everything I have done. This is so because of an innate curiosity toward any kind of musical expression that I have spontaneously cultivated since my childhood.

Midway upon the journey of our life’ I felt the urge to completely play myself. So, exploring, as deeply as possible, the different musical expressions that moved me I realized that, so to say, there were many words by which I was attracted. Regardless of times or lands, enchantment was to be found in the letters themselves. So I thought to combine them to write my own words, more intimate, more evocative. ‘Magellano’ is the challenge to recreate this magic.


Flying over Gocius de Santu Micheli

The melody at the beginning recalls a gocius, a devotional chant typical of Early Middle Age Sardinia. In my imagination a small group of singers gathers in a crypt. As the roof opens up, everything soars freely in the nocturnal sky.


In ancient Greek the world suggests enchantment and magic, particularly referring to singing. In the Odissey  this world describes the effect of the Sirens’ song to the ears of Ulysses.


Red-cherry in German. We can easily notice elements of the red type in the skin, hair or beard of many people. On the contrary, rarely we run into a pure red type. I find this fascinating. Maybe this is so because there is a little bit of Kirshrot in myself as well.

Aria. Bachianas Brasileiras n°5

A very free version of one of the most beautiful composition by Hector Villa Lobos.


It is my version of the Chinese tale of the emperor whose mood  depends from the nightingale living in his garden. When the bird disappears, the emperor loses his life force and falls seriously ill. Depending on the  version of the tale  the nightingale can come back or not. There is also a variant in which  the same enchant is produced by the nigh of white horses.


As he passed though the straits  that he had been looking for so desperately, Magellano found himself in a boundless sea. And he named it Pacific.